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Cracked by ms-manuscript Cracked by ms-manuscript
:iconsinespes: gave me the most awesome critique EVER! Took in some of what she said. Here's what I fixed: image is about five pixels smaller because I moved the clouds, Lightened the hill a bit, added more shadow to blend in the bases of the objects. Added another mask layer to the statue to make it a bit more real. Added shadow to the leeward side of the hill. Mist isn't changed, because sadly, I like it as is. Yeah yeah, I'm an idiot, whatever. Still thinking about prints, just waiting for a stock to get back to me with a yay-or-nay.[/edit]



Just something to do trying to break my museless moment. Tried to put my osprey in this one, but it wouldn't work for some reason. Critique is very welcome.

Just something, meaning=0. As you can see, there isn't even text for it. No muse with which to come up with anything.

It's huge, so I might do prints of this after I talk to the stock people...
Whether or not you had meaning behind it when you created it, I got a very strong spiritual feel from the piece the moment I saw it; kind of a sullen, lonely, spiritual feel. As always, you've done a beautiful job cutting and your placement of objects in the scene is very good--nothing is planted dead center of the image and your eye travels easily from the statue to the building. You've hit the rain right on, dunno what technique you used--have an idea but not sure--but it looks amazing.

The lighting, however, is off a good bit. It looks as though the sun is setting behind the clouds behind the hill, though the shadow of the statue is going back toward the sun as well as the bright side of the building is away from the sun. Perhaps just a cloudy background with no sun would help? That way you wouldn't have to do major lighting editing to the rest of the image. Along the bottom, the blue looks like smoke or mist,though it seems static. Having it higher on one side or the other might help give it some movement. The one other thing I wanted to mention was that the shadow from the statue seems to be a bit too long. Take into consideration the upward slope of the hill and the height of the hill; a life sized statue wouldn't have that long of a shadow unless the light source was very strong and very close to it.

It's a lovely piece all in all. (= My Typography teacher always told us that if we were having a creative block, just do thumbnails for thirty minutes straight. Even if they are the worse thumbnails ever, just keep at 'em for thirty straight minutes. The idea behind it was that if you just keep at something creative, eventually you'll do something to spark your muse back up. Doing images like this is basically the same thing. Keep at it. <3 Hope you find your muse soon.
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Mourge-stawk Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
I love it 8D

Thanks for using my stock! <3
SineSpes Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
Looks great! ^^
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June 1, 2009
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